Thursday, 10 September 2015

We fight then We love - Poem

Fight then LOVE                                                                                                                           Written by: Nwazuosa Nkem Kennedy

Your words can’t be encrypted; I see it clearly on the wall
Your passion drives for warmth; I perceive you want it all
The desire is just so small; care, love, assurances and bond
It isn’t too much at all; we fight then we love.

We lure and we struggle; we couldn’t save our strength  
You tussle for relevance; you shouldn’t have wept
You and I, space in-between; so much we’ve allowed through the cleft
It is too much on us; we fight then we love.

How much more of us will be grinned by your insecurities?
So much we have taken; choking yet empty is our bellies
It’s cold, it’s sunny, we frown, it’s funny, it sounds, and it’s silent, it’s calm, yet unquiet
Through it all, it’s less romantic; we fight then we love.

We’re mad over nothing, it’s just chaos, parallel is our feeling, we endure failures
I cannot be all you need; but you can be all complimenting 
No word, no hugs, no touch; slowly we hibernate
Could we still push that button? We fight then we love.

Hears open to hear those words again; can you sense it?
Can you interpret my unbeaten heart? Can you mend it?
See the devastation you cause, seeking assurance of my love

Let me walk away, hurting with your doubt; still we fight then we love.