Monday, 22 June 2015

My Filthy Edge - (Poem)

Written by: Jo BlaQ and Kennedy

My Filthy Edge!!!

Poked her all night; yet She never mind
Regardless of the fights; not a single sigh
Her love is exceptional; Rare like a unicorn
Yet mine is conditional; if she would be my prom

Sexy sheets in green; sometimes red, white or yellow
Hot and busty; Definitely not silicon
Resting my head on her; where else would i rather be?
Give me comfort amidst discomfort; my needs she please

Never jealous; always caring even in my dream
Never complaining but damn considerate; Never flirty but exclusive
like Delta she has a big heart enough for a threesome; maybe one more
Not bothered about my snoring; she endures our moaning

She keeps me warm when am cold; my perfect cuddle
she gives me a hug when am lonely; her skin is subtle 
Her touch is compassionate and welcoming
Accept even strangers; calm and indeed welcoming

She is always there for me
No matter the place or time
She is the love of my life
Please meet my BED, call her  EDGE
..... I love my Bed......