Friday, 20 February 2015

A Letter To my Nigerian Lady - By The "Luv Doc" Kennedy

A letter to My Naija Lady!!!

My Dearest Naija Lady
I need to say this for one reason - I like you as much as you cannot like me. Eternity is a long time to start thinking of too early so why not start creating moments since they say it lasts forever. I would like an Indian woman, they sing very well, or maybe a Caribbean girl or Brazilian ladies off course you know why so don’t ask why. I have a little grudge too but I will still choose you and I will try not to make it conditional because you are the one. But I crave that you listen…

Monday, 16 February 2015

She’s in her late 20’s- Her Relationship!!!

She’s in her late 20’s- Her Relationship!!!
Written by: Nwazuosa Nkem Kennedy

It’s another season of love and this time I have to take advantage of this aura to express myself on an issue which has overtime been avoided either in pretense or in a deliberate attempt to showcase only the juicy part of that relationship. Behind that social media platform where you constantly post that lovely gesture and try to act better than Bollywood is a scar you hide - all isn't as red-rosy as you make other young ladies feel. Note that I am not trying to say we shouldn't celebrate happiness or sing about love but at the same proportion as we so love, we should expose the ills too for in exposing the bad side we soften the path we tread. These ills have formed the basis of a stronger woman and these bad side have made us appreciate the good times hence, the ills should not be ignored neither should it be celebrated.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Poem- Maybe I should Stop Dreaming?


MY BASKET OF DREAMS        written by: Nwazuosa Nkem Kennedy                                                                                                                                                        

When my eyes closes in slumber; and I smile to what I ponder
What if I see myself different; unique from the norms of familiarity? 
Alone I see my goal; when I stumble to that rock it is still my goal
Its Heavy on me my basket of dreams... should I stop dreaming?