Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My Black Story - MY Motivation!

BWhat have I become?; See what I have metamorphosed into
That frail feet; the infirm heart that couldn't keep fate
That virtue that seemed almost blurred by mere words
Look how shinned I have transformed: am so MadeofBlack

L. Natural and undiluted; an unending joy flows from within
It was meant to break me, but like a gold through the flames and the fire it made me stronger than I started
I have made breads off the stones life threw at me: I love my black story!
Look how shinned they can't alter: am so MadeofBlack

A.  Within me is a fountain of greatness; kinetically moving my crave
Sufficiently enough, feeding my desire for excellence: such a culture!
It is tough i will not be swayed; but with a commitment to greatness
Look how shinned I feel: am so MadeofBlack

C. Unshaken by the windy crowd; I have become resolute
Humble and unyielding to defeat; I have developed the black that is inside of me
I give unconditionally; still paying my dues; it’s indeed an unending journey to greatness
Look how shinned they did not make me feel: but am so MadeofBlack

K. My legacy has outlived me; am proud to look from the top
It’s a perfect view from my perspective: My charisma is stronger than I started
I am intelligent, I am bold,
I've been slapped, I've been stoned
I've been alone with doors closed
I've been naked with no cloths
I've been subdued yet i grow
I am all they did not say I am: for I am truly black
Look how shinned I am:  with one talent, see how I multiplied: for I am truly MadeofBlack