Sunday, 8 March 2015


While She Slept, I wrote a Note
“I wish I could read this to you in person, I also wanted to wake you up to say these words to you but on a second thought, I’d rather get a middle page of my note book and my Eleganza pen and transfer thoughts into written words hoping that you stumble on it by the side of the bed soon as the rays from the sun wakes you up-hope you make it early to the office today.
Just so you know, I wrote this piece to you within the hours of 3am – 4am, I woke myself up with my own snore and was bothered not to have you wake too- I can only imagine how you have been able to manage with me all along or is it the bed that I have suddenly converted into a football pitch, constantly kicking you… LOL!!!

You know that moment when you wake up and you find it hard to go back to sleep? Thank God for the White and Black couch just by the bedside, I sat down there for a while; from whence I wrote. Within that hour, I stared at your tender body cuddling the pillow by the side of the bed and again your beauty became brand new and unimaginable and I loved you for another moment. Yes, we aren’t the perfect couple, we got our own flaws like a unique couple, we do not cuddle every night and act like we’ve had it all perfect yet you have found our marriage script and like Nollywood, you have predicted my every move, condone and tamed my excesses. I am thankful.
I smiled and tears rolled down my cheek in awe of how blessed I have been and how reckless I acted without considering its effects on you and the baby inside of you- how heaven has again smiled on me for the second time to have an angel share my bed and the rest of my life with you in it. A life prior to your scene has been without a director, role nor a location- no wonder I acted wrong.
Is it your eyes, your thighs or how you cuddled up in those sheets that were the difference- I have seen your face for long how come it looks so different tonight? This isn’t the third night but there isn’t any explanation on how your beauty have tonight resurrected. I almost tore this paper and just give up this note as your body in your see through red nighty kept on luring me to bed.
I made a sound on purpose so you can wake up too to see me awake with so much passion just like the Monday morning you said yes to my proposal-awkward day to propose right? Well, we were on a vacation on an island; we weren’t worried about dealing with the Lagos morning rush. I have never felt so right in my entire life, how could I have survived if it wasn’t you thus far, the era I wandered looking for something I did not keep I regret- but then my wandering brought me closer to you. I am not surprised of how deep you have slept I am certain I was able to knock you out last night- *winks*
I have to go now, can’t tell what ‘spark’ kept barking about. Hope I do this again…hope we do this to our first, second and last child- sure that rings a bell. By the time you reading this, I’d probably be in a BRT Bus dealing with traffic by Lekki toll-gate with the thought of you smiling as my consolation.”
PS. Your Husband and Friend! Nwazuosa Kennedy Nkem
Happy International Women's day