Thursday, 31 March 2016

The curse of an UnBroken Heart!

The curse of an  UnBroken 
By: Nwazuosa Nkem Kennedy

I got her the shoes; and she walked out of my life
I paid for the bag; now she’s done with my luggage
I have dirt in my closet too; how dare I talk about trust
I looked at the mirror; can’t believe am trying again

I drove around with a diamond in my pocket; but their fingers won’t fit
It’s shameful to be a coward; we couldn’t jump off the cliff
You had the keys to my heart; I didn’t tell you I changed the lock?
I looked at the mirror; and your reflection was gone

Too blind to interpret the signs; once, twice but on the third, it faded from the wall
The product of my environment; she couldn’t afford my price tag
Love is blind, her vision is impaired; hope is dark, alone in his path
I looked at the mirror; slowly my image seemed blurring

I woke up in Amnesia; I forgot to remember who I was?????
Perceiving love in the air; am holding my breath till coma
This isn’t for me; he makes loving hard; but it couldn’t last
I looked at the mirror this morning; and my reflection was not there!

Can’t eat this food for thought; so I’m swallowing my pride
I'm drinking the lies of my imperfection; I can’t taste the bitter truth
An angel saw me through the peephole; why i’m I still knocking on heaven’s door?
I looked at the mirror again; you won’t believe what I saw this time.