Tuesday, 22 March 2016



“…as the level of economic realities increases in its stringency the urge to satisfy the obligatory emotional requirement diminishes”.   Nwazuosa Nkem Kennedy

This concept was coined out of two words- Relationship and Economics. These terms are of great importance to the growth of any relationship. Studies have shown that a large percentage of the labour force are either unemployed or in disguised unemployment. This, and other factors sum up the pressure faced by the working population and mostly the men (traditionally, they are considered the bread winners) – shout out to the ladies calling the shots and being supportive. 

For the purpose of application, the concept of “Relationomics” will be seen as a verb and it is defined as a constant application of emotional science to understand your partner’s behavioral pattern to opportunities while improving on relationship needs and pressing economic realities. Relationship needs here is basically emotional (Love, Time, Communication, cuddles, appreciation and all thatmushy mushy thingy) while economic realities are; the environment, workplace, daily hustle, failures & accomplishment, Socio-Political challenges (I call it the real stuff)

The relationship between satisfying an emotional need and pressing economic realities is to a great extent an indirect one. The harsh realities of the economy today has further reduced the level at which emotional needs are adequately satisfied- as the level of economic realities increases in its stringency the urge to satisfy the obligatory emotional requirement diminishes. Most homes and relationship seek to balance realities and emotions and there has no doubt been conflict emanating as a result of this imbalance.

Fulfilling an emotional need is not negotiable as well as satisfying an economic need as both realities must be fully balanced. There is a level of shock every human is able to absorb. This goes to say that every man or woman as the case may be wants to feel loved, adored and acknowledged, but the ability to be able to strike a balance between economic reality and emotions is vital to the success of that home.

The ever busy and unstable economy today has made the mushy thingy difficult as we are caught between meeting needs and accomplishing targets. But how long are we going to chase the real stuff at the expense of the mushy thingy? Or should we concentrate on the mushy and allow the real stuff to relegate? Our society today has made the mushy thingy look less relevant in comparison to the real stuff and most women find themselves either adjusting to this term or to an extent forgetting how it feels to be in the embrace/warmth of their man. While the man on the other hand see the mushy thingy as ONLY a stress relieving technique where penetration is seen as the ultimate.

The Point of equilibrium is finding the right balance between economic realities as well as the emotional pressures from Madam. Now the equilibrium can be attained where the value derived from economic realities is equal to the emotional pressures- at that point, love making is at ease, at that point communication is achieved in the process of love making and your mental state is peaceful concentrating on satisfaction and achieving orgasm *throatcracking*. This synergy/feeling is indeed not comparable to anything else- “am talking from experience”.

A graphical representation of this concept of "Relationomics” can be seen below and it has an inverse relationship. 

Notice: As Economic Pressures increases, it reduces the level of emotional mushy mushy thingy. 

The concept of Pareto Optimality needs to be fully introduced into any relationship- in a lay man term, it means achieving your aim without making another party worse-off. The application of this technique requires a balance, compromise and communication to understand purpose of an action and both parties should apply this principle. 
And Point 'e' is the equilibrium level where Economic realities equal Emotional pressures.

The effect of a decline in the mushy mushy thingy cannot be over emphasized. Ever noticed that communication has dwindled in recent times and even when there is a conversation it is usually hastily ended and the real stuff sneaks its way into the conversation? Also, have you witnessed a high level of insensitivity in mushy mushy thingy? If yes… Then you have a great task ahead of you and you can start tonight with igniting the conversation again like the first day, igniting the love again like it was never put off- Just so you know, I am starting tonight.

Lastly, this act overtime leads to finding a safe conversation haven and may lead to unwanted gist with a third party- trust me, you don’t want to know the outcome of allowing Madam or Oga to trail such path- I am talking from experience.

Get to work tonight! Let us get it right. Fix that relationship and program your mindset to leave economic/ the real stuff at the place of work.

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