Friday, 23 January 2015


HEART UNBROKEN                                                                                                
Written by: Nwazuosa Nkem Kennedy  
The same face that smiled on the first day
same lips whence an angel spoke on that same day
Heart that keenly listened as he poured out 
same eyes that got struck without any doubt.

Where have you been oh lost one;                                                                    
why have u hidden your virtue
jointly are those who tread this path; why do u stand alone?
Fixated between happiness and splendor, 

beneath her red apparel dwells a scar she nursed

He is without a heart that wouldn't seek to fill your vacuum                             
love is all she yearns, how come it seemed so subtle
smiles faded from her face yet he didn't notice her gone
moments was all we shared; so little cuddle was all she cared

Why accept a gift if it will still be wrapped                  
why have I believed your promises that would not last
how could the best for me feels so wrong         

…and the best I thought hurt this much

Will dust off  from the remain that's left;                                                                             
back to the shackles that binds me
so much done as I sojourned; but deeper than the first cut
the best I thought couldn't rescue me; what then is the cure? 

it’s never unending my desire  for happiness; he is same like them all
I will conceal my scars, I will reveal to no one
I will smile to all, new memories  will I create with none
for I have conquered his addiction but subdued by my curse

Back to the first day, I wished he never came,
back to my first smile, I wished it never shined 
still on my first glimpse, I wished it never cried
my first day, I wished he never walked by.