Tuesday, 16 August 2016

In Love with a WITCH!!!

In Love with a "W.I.T.C.H"
written by: Nwazuosa Nkem Kennedy

June 16th, 2016, I feel in Love with a WITCH
This feeling can’t go wrong, for an angel smoking hot I wouldn’t switch
I wouldn’t take back, No… I wouldn’t quit; my gaze on her I will not blink
No letting go, she clinches on my skin; eternally I’m bound to this Queen

From Coast to Coast, I will let you know
She rocks my boat, on her tides I float
I keep her close, my heart her abode
When seasons low we stay afloat
I fell in love with a witch.

So wonderful is this love so pure, her touch so soft I long forever and a day more
Intelligence when she speaks from the fountain of knowledge that flows within
Smoothening my path of chaos

On her shoulders I lean
Through her thought I think
Through her eyes I see the future I believe….
 I can fly like the song, through the pit and the mud
Through the scorching of the sun, she’s the shade I refuge on
And when we touch out fire burns

See this woman isn’t keen on the Naira she receives; or another …
When she moans oh my God!!! When she cums
You would fall in love with a WITCH

Her portion, she combines intelligence, tolerance and humility, she manipulates me into a better man

I’m under her spell to love to cherish and adore
She’s pure no blemish no sore
We fight and we hug and we love
My curse my pain she endures

In love with a Wonderful Intelligent Tolerant Captivating yet Humble WITCH I’m sure

June 16th 2016, I fell in Love with a WITCH!!!